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Discover the top managers and specialists that are best for your company and the confidence they provide for your company's future.

Every Company wants to grow. The start of growth begins in your own periphery. It is necessary for real expansion and development to explore and cultivate new areas and to let them contribute to the growth beyond one’s own horizon.We see it as our mission to help clients go beyond their horizon, to explore and develop, by searching and providing executives and specialists of top quality around the world.   ICC delivers you the talented and experienced people you need for your company.
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We At ICC Executive Search Love To Help People Feel Great About Their Company.

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Brexit & HR

ICC Executive Search can help you overcome the Brexit challenges by providing the best management available for your business in all your locations.

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Executive Search, Recruitment and Selection of Executives via direct approach. As international headhunters firm, ICC Executive Search, International Connection Club, provides our cliënts fast and direct access to the top of the international executives. The International Connection Club network is an invaluable resource for our organisation.

European Centre

ICC is the only Executive Search Firm with a European Center. ICC Executive Search differentiates through speed, complete transparency and coaching in our executive search and headhunting activities and by offering the same high quality level to our cliënts independent of the locations where we are active. The European Center of ICC Executive Search is dedicated to you for your queries and coaching in relation to executive search assignments.

Confidential Search

Confidentiality, Continuity and openness in our relationship are essential elements of a successful consulting job. Confidential Search enables you to implement your plans with full confidentiality. We achieve continuity through the principle of shareholder equality. The firm is jointly owned by the executive partners and has no other shareholders. ICC is completely objective and independent.


Our Happy Clients!

Statement 1:

"We had a difficult time locating a suitable candidate until we decided to engage ICC. Not only did ICC ask difficult questions to help us better understand what type of person we wanted, but ICC asked them in a way that was very positive and constructive. ICC continually gave prompt and relevant feedback on the results of our meetings with candidates, which helped us make our decision. ICC continued to be invaluable after we made the offer by keeping the negotiations at a level that was appropriate. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the work of ICC and enjoy ICC's energy and enthusiasm."

Statement 2:

"We have worked with a number of executive search firms and been approached by many more. We can comfortably say that in that time we have learned to rely on ICC's knowledge and dedication to deliver candidates of top quality and their willingness to offer us the flexibility that we need.In a market flooded with search firms that are trying to push their network of people, ICC has demonstrated successfully through multiple placements of key executives that they know our business, find the qualified candidates and that they are successful for us.We look forward to continuing to work with ICC Executive Search as we continue to grow our business in Europe."

Area of Expertise!

Confidentiality, Continuity and openness in our relationship are essential elements of a successful consulting job.

We have demonstrated how the presence of a European Center can provide many benefits to our clients by establishing efficiency through achieving time saving and quality goals.
Our European Center provides access to data and people with a productivity and effectivity that is unmatched by other methods.

Creative dialog propels innovation. ICC’s constant dialog with clients and candidates, our partners in a common endeavor, is the essential element of our success.
Market pressures demand that managers continuously propel new and innovative developments and implement them effectively to generate more opportunities for turnover and profits.
New marketing techniques, computer software, call centers, etc., flexible production methods, open important new means to support client oriented strategies and to adhere closer to the needs of clients, to win new clients and strengthen the client relationship.
New ways to reach clients, such as e-commerce, improved and cheaper distribution facilities, cheaper production- or research & development-locations can lead to shifts and regrouping.
All of these are even more promoted through the internal use of the Internet. Geographical distances diminish and become less important for an optimal exchange of information thus fostering an increasing internationalization.

More is demanded of individuals to prove that they add value. This is measured by comparing the contribution of the individual to attaining the business objectives.

ICC knows that your corporation must be able to act and adapt quickly to be successful globally and in local markets. The rapid changes in these markets, competition, government regulation, environmental concerns, employee expectations, call for executives and management practices that are effective. ICC focuses on searching for high quality and proven ability to perform extraordinarily well in relation to business objectives. Globalization of markets and specific local circumstances, together with the influences mentioned above offer great opportunities. If you want to reap these, then you need executives who are intelligent, flexible, versatile, internationally oriented (preferably multilingual, with knowledge of and practical experience in different countries) and can plan and execute the strategy, in the correct international and local context.
Entering new markets and globalization are important means for growth of turnover and profits and also improve competitiveness. Successful organizations are continuously expanding their activities into new areas. Even in more established industries competition intensifies.

Enterprises that want to survive in the long term have to be able to do business internationally.

ICC provides the top executives and specialists to enable you to meet this challenge.
As important are minimizing costs, maintaining world-class quality standards and improving customer satisfaction along with an integral use of the possibilities of Information Technology. Enterprises must be able to do business competitively in the markets where they sell their products or services. This has been the reason of many reorganizations and today it is an important motivation for enterprises who wish to make their businesses and processes more efficient.

ICC is specialized in providing you with the best Management to make your company even more competitive.

We have Worked with from Big Companies to Start-Ups.

During the past decade, heightened effort and more commitment have extended the capacity of ICC. We have become even more efficient and have increased our competitiveness, quality has become more important and we are even more responsive to our clients’ requirements.

ICC Executive Search serves clients everywhere in the world as headhunter firm, using our extensive Company International Network. In terms of professional competence and reputation, ICC Executive Search features among the worldwide leading search firms.

Our clients are among the best of the world in their markets. They are corporations of all dimensions, ranging from billions of dollars to a few hundred millions, mid-size enterprises and also some of the most successful newly started businesses of the past decades.

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We Can Help You Take Your next Step Regardless of Size.

The partners of ICC Executive Search bring together a wide range of experience and skills to be successful in each particular client situation. Coordinated through our European Center, teams of qualified and enthusiastic consultants provide a highly professional service, in research, development and maintenance of contacts in all sectors.
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