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Growing Your Business In An International Market

International Competition And Change

Products or services are increasingly for an international market and are at the same time subject to growing international competition.

With a growing pace, new ideas, business-models, possibilities and developments give rise to adaptations or replacements by improved or cheaper products and services. This holds true in both business-to-business and consumer markets.

Entering New Markets

Entering new markets and globalization are important means for growth of turnover and profits and also improve competitiveness. Successful organizations are continuously expanding their activities into new areas. Even in more established industries competition intensifies. Enterprises that want to survive in the long term have to be able to do business internationally.

Better Business Processes & Customer Satisfaction

As important are minimizing costs, maintaining world-class quality standards and improving customer satisfaction along with an integral use of the possibilities of Information Technology. Enterprises must be able to do business competitively in the markets where they sell their products or services. This was the reason of many reorganizations in the past and today it is an important motivation for enterprises who wish to make their businesses and processes more efficient.
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Management Continuously Propels New And Innovative Developments

Market pressures demand that managers continuously propel new and innovative developments and implement them effectively to generate more opportunities for turnover and profits.
New marketing techniques, computer software, call centers, etc., flexible production methods, open important new means to support client oriented strategies and to adhere closer to the needs of clients, to win new clients and strengthen the client relationship.
New ways to reach clients, such as e-commerce, improved and cheaper distribution facilities, cheaper production- or research & development-locations can lead to shifts and regrouping. All of these are even more promoted through the internal use of the Internet. Geographical distances diminish and become less important for an optimal exchange of information thus fostering an increasing internationalization.

Let ICC Executive Search Help You

ICC Executive Search is specialized in the fast and efficient search for the management that your company needs.
With our European Center we can help you to locate the managers that you need. We are not limited to one country to find the management you are looking for.

ICC knows that your corporation must be able to act and adapt quickly to be successful globally and in local markets.

The rapid changes in these markets, competition, government regulation, environmental concerns, employee expectations, call for executives and management practices that are effective.

ICC Executive Search focuses on searching for high quality managers with proven ability to perform extraordinarily well in relation to business objectives.
Globalization of markets and specific local circumstances, together with the influences mentioned above offer great opportunities. If you want to reap these, then you need executives who are intelligent, flexible, versatile, internationally oriented (preferably multilingual, with knowledge of and practical experience in different countries) and can plan and execute the strategy, in the correct international and local context.

By providing you with these executives we add the highest value for you. ICC can support you in finding the best internationally oriented and versatile executives, available worldwide.